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1 DRP000759 DRA000728 Habitat specificity, host-plant specificity, and phylogenetic signal in the assembly of root-associated and soil-inhabiting fungi in a Quercus-dominated temperate forest Metagenomics rhizosphere metagenome
soil metagenome
31.2M 2012-09-18 KYOTO-GE
2 DRP000963 DRA000926 Co-occurrence analysis of root-associated fungi in roots of oak species reveals the positive association among ectomycorrhizal and non-ectomycorrhizal fungi and the levels of associations among root-associated fungi are different between host species. Metagenomics rhizosphere metagenome 24.1M 2013-02-12 KYOTO-GE
3 DRP000972 DRA000935 How are plant and fungal communities linked to each other in belowground ecosystems?: community-wide analysis of the partner preference of root-associated fungi and their host plants Metagenomics rhizosphere metagenome 73.1M KYOTO-GE
4 DRP000974 DRA000937 Detection of horizontal spatial structure of soil fungal communities in natural forest Metagenomics soil metagenome 36.4M 2013-03-04 KYOTO-GE