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1 ERP011643 ERA467082 Landfill Biomass (LB) enriched in different methane concentration. Other soil metagenome 176.9M JAMES COOK UNIVERSIT
2 ERP014964 ERA601745
Interactive effect of Cu2+/Fe2+ ratio on methane oxidation and PHA (PHB) accumulation in methanotrophic consortia Other soil metagenome 183.1M JAMES COOK UNIVERSIT
3 ERP015695 ERA625175 Implications of CH4:air rations on mixed methanotrophic consortia enriched from compost soils Other soil metagenome 106.5M JAMES COOK UNIVERSIT
4 ERP015704 ERA625227 Next generation sequencing analyses of mixed microbial/ methane-oxidizing communities in different landfill and compost cover soils Other soil metagenome 34.8M JAMES COOK UNIVERSIT
5 ERP019475 ERA742432
Establishment of Mixed microbial/methanotrophic consortia Other soil metagenome 46.6M JAMES COOK UNIVERSIT