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1 SRP001045 SRA009340 Maize Mu transposon flanking sequences Other Zea mays 183.9M 2009-08-17 Iowa State University
2 SRP002413 SRA012679 Reduced representation library sequencing for Pacific white shrimp Whole Genome Sequencing Penaeus vannamei 5.2G 2010-05-04 Iowa State University
3 SRP007267 SRA038331 Aphis glycines transcriptome Other Aphis glycines 1.8G 2011-06-17 Iowa State University
4 SRP007340 SRA039204 Rapid Genome Evolution Mediated by Duplicated Sequences in Clonally Propagated Organism Whole Genome Sequencing Fusarium virguliforme Mont-1 1.8G 2011-06-27 Iowa State University
5 SRP010046 SRA048909 Sequence based polymorphic (SBP) marker technology for targeted genomic regions: its application in generating a molecular map of the Arabidopsis thaliana genome. Whole Genome Sequencing Arabidopsis thaliana 564.4M 2011-12-28 Iowa State University
6 SRP010051 SRA048737 mRNA-seq analysis of Levamisole resistance in Oesophagostomum dentatum Transcriptome Analysis Oesophagostomum dentatum 85G 2011-12-19 Iowa State University
7 SRP010124 SRA049019 Complementation contributes to transcriptome complexity in maize (Zea mays L.) hybrids relative to their inbred parents Transcriptome Analysis Zea mays 21.5G 2012-01-04 Iowa State University
8 SRP010139 SRA049037 Gene Mapping via Bulked Segregant RNA-Seq (BSR-Seq) Transcriptome Analysis Zea mays 2G 2012-01-05 Iowa State University
9 SRP010726 SRA049832 Argopecten irradians Eye Transcriptome Transcriptome Analysis Argopecten irradians 60M 2012-02-02 Iowa State University
10 SRP011187 SRA050451 Contribution from Different Genomic Annotation Sets to Quantitative Trait Variation Revealed by Maize GWAS Transcriptome Analysis Zea mays 49.3G 2012-03-01 Iowa State University
11 SRP011480 SRA050790 The Zeanome Transcriptome Analysis Zea mays 512.3G 2012-03-14 Iowa State University
12 SRP011560 SRA050928 The Zeanome Transcriptome Analysis Zea mays 78.3G 2012-03-16 Iowa State University
13 SRP011565 SRA050934 The Zeanome Transcriptome Analysis Zea mays 16.6G 2012-03-16 Iowa State University
14 SRP011566 SRA050935 The Zeanome Transcriptome Analysis Zea mays 14.5G 2012-03-16 Iowa State University
15 SRP011579 SRA050957 The Zeanome Transcriptome Analysis Zea mays 15.3G 2012-03-19 Iowa State University
16 SRP011929 SRA051273 The Zeanome Transcriptome Analysis Zea mays 7.8G 2012-03-24 Iowa State University
17 SRP011930 SRA051274 The Zeanome Transcriptome Analysis Zea mays 7G 2012-03-24 Iowa State University
18 SRP013207 SRA052923 Heat Stress Garter Snakes 2008 Transcriptome Analysis Thamnophis elegans 14.2G 2012-05-15 Iowa State University