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1 ERP002085 ERA181619 mito_galu Whole Genome Sequencing IMPLAD
2 ERP002119 ERA186381 Salvia miltiorrhiza Chloroplast genome Whole Genome Sequencing IMPLAD
3 SRP001182 SRA009811 Huperzia serrata Transcriptome or Gene expression Other Huperzia serrata 74.8M 2009-10-03 IMPLAD
4 SRP001183 SRA009812 Comparison of 454-ESTs from Huperzia serrata and Phlegmariurus carinatus reveals putative genes involved in lycopodium alkaloid biosynthesis and developmental regulation. Other Phlegmariurus carinatus 42.1M 2009-10-03 IMPLAD
5 SRP001296 SRA009936 Sequencing of the Glycyrrhiza uralensis transcriptome Other Glycyrrhiza uralensis 30.8M 2009-10-20 IMPLAD
6 SRP001311 SRA009952 Panax quinquefolius Transcriptome or Gene expression Other Panax quinquefolius 113.4M 2009-10-22 IMPLAD
7 SRP001588 SRA010343 Taxus cuspidata Transcriptome or Gene expression Other Taxus cuspidata 43M 2009-12-30 IMPLAD
8 SRP002050 SRA012102 Sequencing of the Salvia miltiorrhiza transcriptome Other Salvia miltiorrhiza 24.8M 2010-03-04 IMPLAD
9 SRP002086 SRA012193 Sequencing of the Panax ginseng transcriptome Transcriptome Analysis Panax ginseng 116.9M 2010-03-14 IMPLAD
10 SRP002088 SRA012195 Sequencing of the Panax notoginseng transcriptome Transcriptome Analysis Panax notoginseng 99.9M 2010-03-15 IMPLAD
11 SRP002663 SRA020595 Ginkgo biloba Transcriptome or Gene expression Other Ginkgo biloba 33.6M 2010-06-20 IMPLAD
12 SRP004820 SRA026958 Camptotheca acuminata Transcriptome or Gene expression Other Camptotheca acuminata 40.2M 2010-12-09 IMPLAD
13 SRP006950 SRA037432 ITS2 variants as molecular fossils in plant genomes Population Genomics Panax ginseng 357.6M 2011-06-02 implad
14 SRP007363 SRA039388 Bupleurum chinense Transcriptome or Gene expression Other Bupleurum chinense 108.1M 2011-06-29 Implad
15 SRP007500 SRA040112 The transcriptome sequencing of Digitalis purpurea leaves Other Digitalis purpurea 35.1M 2011-07-19 IMPLAD
16 SRP009291 SRA048014 Ganoderma lucidum G.260125-1 Genome sequencing and assembly Whole Genome Sequencing Ganoderma lucidum G.260125-1 41.3G 2011-11-11 IMPLAD
17 SRP011406 SRA050691 Sequencing and transcriptome analysis of rehmannia tuberous root Transcriptome Analysis Rehmannia glutinosa 229.2M 2012-03-11 IMPLAD