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1 DRP001955 DRA001877 RNA-seq analysis of an arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus during polyphosphate accumulation Transcriptome Sequencing Rhizophagus <glomeromycetes> 18.5G 2014-03-17 HU_AGRI
2 DRP003257 DRA004582 RNA sequencing analysis of a monoecious breeding line of Spinacia oleracea. Other Spinacia oleracea 5.2G 2016-03-24 HU_AGRI
3 DRP003258 DRA002974
RNA sequencing analysis of male and female plants from Spinacia oleracea. Other Spinacia oleracea 34G 2015-01-29 HU_AGRI
4 DRP003375 DRA002842 RNA-Seq analysis of mycorrhizal and non-mycorrhizal roots of Lotus japonicus Other Lotus japonicus 21G 2014-12-15 HU_AGRI
5 DRP003381 DRA002839 RNA-Seq analysis of mycorrhizal and non-mycorrhizal roots of Nicotiana benthamiana Other Nicotiana benthamiana 14.3G 2014-12-17 HU_AGRI
6 DRP003735 DRA003794 Comparative transcriptome analysis of acid-tolerant and -sensitive arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi during polyphosphate accumulation Other Claroideoglomus etunicatum
Rhizophagus clarus
85.5G 2015-07-23 HU_AGRI
7 DRP003942 DRA006107 RNA sequencing analysis of dioecious and monoecious Spinacia oleracea. Other Spinacia oleracea 8.5G 2017-08-30 HU_AGRI
8 DRP004269 DRA006678 Floral pigmentation pattern in Oriental hybrid lily (Lilium sp.) cultivar 'Dizzy' is caused by transcriptional regulation of anthocyanin biosynthesis genes Other Lilium hybrid division VII 4.2G 2018-03-29 HU_AGRI
9 DRP004821 DRA007777
Genetic studies of early heading in rice in Hokkaido Other Oryza sativa Japonica Group 13.2G 2018-12-20 HU_AGRI
10 DRP004940 DRA007978 Microbiota involved in fermented traditional Japanese indigo Other fermentation metagenome 468.8M 2018-12-27 HU_AGRI
11 DRP005012 DRA008271 Microbiota involved in fermented traditional Japanese indigo Other fermentation metagenome 339.4M 2019-04-08 HU_AGRI
12 DRP005238 DRA005941 Microbial community in sub-Saharan African soil Other soil metagenome 37.9M 2017-07-05 HU_AGRI
13 DRP005345 DRA006054 Microbial communities in sub-Saharan Africa Other soil metagenome 3.7G 2017-08-08 HU_AGRI
14 DRP005566 DRA008645 Transcriptome in bovine whole blastocyst and isolated inner cell mass with re-cavitation Other Bos taurus 27G 2019-07-06 HU_AGRI
15 DRP005666 DRA006416
Resequence analysis of introgression lines Other Oryza sativa Indica Group 15G 2017-12-12 HU_AGRI
16 DRP006161 DRA006952 Use of cellulose acetate as a feed additive candidate for ruminants Other bovine gut metagenome 376.9M 2018-06-01 HU_AGRI
17 DRP006319 DRA010396 Bacterial community of Indigo reduction fluids made with different indigo sources Other fermentation metagenome 281.8M 2020-06-15 HU_AGRI
18 DRP006487 DRA004780 Sequencing the cecal microbiota of cholic acid-fed WKAH/HkmSlc rats Other rat gut metagenome 101M 2016-05-25 HU_AGRI
19 DRP006690 DRA007578 Microbiota in murine cecum Other mouse gut metagenome 646.3M 2018-11-09 HU_AGRI
20 DRP006839 DRA010180 Genomic sequence of Cicada in Japan Other Yezoterpnosia nigricosta 6.7G 2020-05-05 HU_AGRI