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1 DRP000423 DRA000415
The Usefulness and Reproducibility of Pyrosequencing for the Analysis of a Microbial Community of a Methane-Oxidizing Biofilm Metagenomics activated carbon metagenome
biofilm metagenome
20.2M 2011-07-06 EWHA_WU
2 DRP000543 DRA000519 Effects of Non-Methane Volatile Organic Compounds on Performance and Microbial Community of Methanotrophic Biofilter Metagenomics biofilm metagenome 15.2M 2012-01-30 EWHA_WU
3 DRP000544 DRA000520 Comparison of RNA- and DNA-Based Bacterial Communities in a Lab-Scale Methane-Degrading Biocover using Ribosomal Tag Pyrosequencing Metagenomics biofilm metagenome 10.3M 2012-01-30 EWHA_WU
4 DRP000563 DRA000537 Efficient Methane Biofiltration using Tobermolite as a Selective Bed Material for Methanotrophs Metagenomics biofilm metagenome 15.6M 2012-04-17 EWHA_WU
5 DRP000671 DRA000640 Effects of Ultrasonication on Quantity and Composition of Bacterial DNA Recovered from Granular Activated Carbon Metagenomics biofilm metagenome 10.5M 2012-09-03 EWHA_WU
6 DRP000860 DRA000829 Metagenomic analysis of biological activated carbon in an actual water treatment plant Metagenomics activated carbon metagenome 106.5M 2012-10-29 EWHA_WU
7 DRP001028 DRA000988 Functional Rigidity of a Methane Biofilter against the Temporal Microbial Succession Metagenomics biofilm metagenome 39.5M 2013-05-09 EWHA_WU
8 DRP001127 DRA001080 Characterization of Tobermolite as a Bed Material for Selective Growth of Methanotrophs in Biofiltration Metagenomics biofilm metagenome 48.2M 2013-07-16 EWHA_WU
9 DRP001922 DRA001849 Bacterial community dynamics in a long-term operated soil biocover packed with an engineered soil Metagenomics biofilm metagenome 51M 2014-03-10 EWHA_WU
10 DRP001923 DRA001850 Tobermolite effects on methane removal activity and microbial community of a lab-scale soil biocover Metagenomics biofilm metagenome 19.8M 2014-03-10 EWHA_WU
11 DRP002740 DRA002409 Bacteria-Archaea Associations Related to Methane Production in an Up-flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket System Treating Molasses Wastewater Other uncultured archaeon
uncultured bacterium
645.2M 2014-07-24 EWHA_WU