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1 DRP001188 DRA001132 Transcriptome Analysis of Self- and Cross-Pollinated Pistils of Japanese Apricot (Prunus mume Sieb et Zucc.) Transcriptome Analysis Prunus mume 7.2G 2013-07-30 EHIME
2 DRP002286 DRA002208 Diet disparity in the coexisting herbivorous cichlids in Lake Tanganyika revealed by metagenomics approach Metagenomics biofilm metagenome
gut metagenome
mixed culture metagenome
47.6M 2014-04-07 EHIME
3 DRP002714 DRA003472 Azumiobodo hoyamushi EST analyses Other Azumiobodo hoyamushi 3.4G 2015-04-13 EHIME
4 DRP003738 DRA003812 Transcriptome analysis of a small fruit mutant of Japanese persimmon Other Diospyros kaki 9.9G 2015-07-30 EHIME
5 DRP003957 DRA005620 Pagrus major genome analyses Other Pagrus major 13G 2017-03-09 EHIME
6 DRP004748 DRA006093 Transcriptome analysis for the brain of freshwater goby Other Rhinogobius flumineus 2.2G 2017-08-23 EHIME
7 DRP005395 DRA008880 Characterization of cellulase genes from marine bacteria isolated from marine fish intestine. Other Microbulbifer sp. GL-2 1.2G 2019-08-19 EHIME