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1 ERP001079 ERA074572 Transcriptomics comparison to Histone 2B RNAi to Irradiation Transcriptome Analysis Schmidtea 13.1G DPSQ
2 ERP001082 ERA074664 An RNA-seq study of genes that are induced at an early stage in the hepatic DNA synthesis response in rats. Transcriptome Analysis Rattus norvegicus 12.6G DPSQ
3 ERP001116 ERA079696 Characterisation of the horse transcriptome Transcriptome Analysis Equus caballus DPSQ
4 ERP001159 ERA082122 High through-put Sequencing of the Parhyale hawaiensis mRNA Transcriptome Analysis Parhyale hawaiensis 810.7M DPSQ
5 ERP001160 ERA082124 Small RNA Sequencing of Parhyale hawaiensis Embryos at Early and Late Stages of Development. Transcriptome Analysis Parhyale hawaiensis 6.7G DPSQ
6 ERP001702 ERA150669 Saccharomyces arboricus genome sequencing and assembly with 454 and SOLiD reads. The SOLiD reads are presented in this submission. Whole Genome Sequencing Saccharomyces arboricola H-6 1.5G DPSQ
7 ERP001703 ERA150752 Saccharomyces arboricus genome sequencing with single fragment 454 reads Whole Genome Sequencing Saccharomyces arboricola H-6 411.9M DPSQ
8 ERP001704 ERA150835 Saccharomyces arboricus genome sequencing with paired-end 454 reads, 8kb insertion Whole Genome Sequencing Saccharomyces arboricola H-6 532.7M DPSQ
9 ERP001796 ERA163331
A RNA-seq study of worker honeybee larvae after exposure to imidacloprid. Transcriptome Analysis Apis mellifera 18.3G DPSQ
10 ERP002287 ERA198440 CsrA inhibits thymineless death in Escherichia coli lacking the SOS response Whole Genome Sequencing Escherichia coli 2.6G DPSQ
11 ERP004120 ERA258757 The A2 gene of alcelaphine herpesvirus-1 is a transcriptional regulator affecting cytotoxicity in virus-infected T cells but is not required for malignant catarrhal fever induction in rabbits Population Genomics Oryctolagus cuniculus 15G DPSQ
12 ERP004550 ERA279609
Analysis of a novel four chromosome strain of Schizosaccharomyces pombe Population Genomics Schizosaccharomyces pombe 38.1G DPSQ