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1 ERP103981 ERA1078654 In the first part of the experiment, naphthalene contaminated surface sediments, where effluent from the coal-tar contaminated groundwater surfaces, were incubated in situ with either 13C-labeled or natural abundance 13C-naphthalene at various dosing regimes. The dosing regimes correspond with 3 doses in a 24 hr timespan; 5 doses in a 72 hr timespan and 8 doses in 8 days. Shotgun metagenome libraries were prepared in triplicate from all 13C-labeled sediments following the enrichment for 13C-labeled DNA. Sediments fed natural abundance 12C-naphthalene were not replicated, but where exposed to the identical handling as DNA extracted from 13C-labeled sediment. In the second part of the experiment, groundwater was sampled from pristine ('upstream') and contaminated monitoring wells ('shallow','mid' and 'deep'). DNA was extracted directly from filters (5L of groundwater per well) and shotgun metagenomes were sequenced. This data corresponds with metaproteomic data from Hanson et al., 2015. Other groundwater metagenome
sediment metagenome
132.6G Cornell University
2 ERP105606 ERA1153074 Eukaryotes in the gut microbiota in Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Other Homo sapiens 853.7M Cornell University
3 ERP105988 ERA1169584 See abstract Other soil metagenome 57.7G Cornell University
4 ERP106159 ERA1172885 Investigation of plant species effects on soil Metagenomics from lab-scale bioretention columns Other metagenomes <scientific name>
soil metagenome
44.4G Cornell University
5 ERP107706 ERA1258946 Using salinity to select for progressive onset denitrifiers Other bioreactor metagenome 72.2G Cornell University
6 ERP113915 ERA1743815 Impact of nitrogen loading rate on anammox reactor community Other bioreactor metagenome 211.9G Cornell University
7 SRP009896 SRA048735 Genotyping-by-sequencing of maize NAM population Population Genomics Zea mays 220.6G Cornell University