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1 ERP016434 ERA1170056
Metagenomic study of composts produced onfarm Other compost metagenome 17.6G CREA-ORT
2 ERP022223 ERA860136 RNA-seq analysis of tomato roots colonized by the plant growth-promoting rhizobacterium Pseudomonas fluorescens strain CREA-C16. Other Solanum lycopersicum 91.8G CREA-ORT
3 ERP022359 ERA871105 RNA-Seq analysis of tomato roots bio-stimulated by humic acids and sterile compost tea. Other Solanum lycopersicum 105.8G CREA-ORT
4 ERP110079 ERA1552674 16S amplicon study of compost tea, teku kana and litters Other compost metagenome 6G CREA-ORT