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1 DRP003982 DRA006355 Regulation of floral meristem activity through the interaction of AGAMOUS, SUPERMAN, and CLAVATA3 in Arabidopsis Other Arabidopsis thaliana 4.9G 2017-11-22 CHUBU
2 DRP004029 DRA006505
Epigenetic regulation of leaf development Other Arabidopsis thaliana 16.1G 2018-01-29 CHUBU
3 DRP004208 DRA006386 Transcriptome analysis of somatic embryogenesis initiated from the Arabidopsis shoot apex Other Arabidopsis thaliana 22G 2017-12-05 CHUBU
4 DRP004220 DRA006829 MM2d_ PEO-IAA treatment-2d_ATAC-seq Other Arabidopsis thaliana 25.6G 2018-05-07 CHUBU
5 DRP004455 DRA007299 Draft genome sequence of Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain Hm-1 Other Saccharomyces cerevisiae 1.4G 2018-09-06 CHUBU
6 DRP004783 DRA007270 Dehydration and heat stress responses in NF-YB2- and NF-YB3-overexpressing plants Other Arabidopsis thaliana 21G 2018-08-27 CHUBU
7 DRP004784 DRA007070 The Jumonji-C domain-containing proteins JUMONJI 30 and JUMONJI 32 control abscisic acid-dependent growth arrest during Arabidopsis post-germination. Other Arabidopsis thaliana 8.4G 2018-07-12 CHUBU
8 DRP004816 DRA008014 ldl3 mutant vs wild-type in Arabidopsis de novo shoot regeneration_RNA-seq and ChIP-seq Other Arabidopsis thaliana 110.2G 2018-07-25 CHUBU
9 DRP004971 DRA008073 4d high-boron treated root tip RNA-seq Other Arabidopsis thaliana 18.2G 2019-02-08 CHUBU
10 DRP005034 DRA006077 A small molecule PHA767491 modulates the Arabidopsis circadian clock Other Arabidopsis thaliana 8.8G 2017-08-19 CHUBU
11 DRP005035 DRA006078 RNAseq analysis of Arabidopsis ztl-3 mutants Other Arabidopsis thaliana 8.6G 2017-08-19 CHUBU
12 DRP005245 DRA006227 Effect of photoperiod on gene expressions in guard cells Other Arabidopsis thaliana 7.8G 2017-10-02 CHUBU
13 DRP005247 DRA006360 Dehydration stress responses in nga1-1 Other Arabidopsis thaliana 9.2G 2017-11-13 CHUBU
14 DRP005248 DRA007269 Genome-wide expression analysis regulated by internal nitrate in Arabidopsis thaliana Other Arabidopsis thaliana 8.7G 2018-07-04 CHUBU
15 DRP005457 DRA008975 Draft genome sequence of Aspergillus terreus TN-484 Other Aspergillus terreus 5.6G 2019-09-17 CHUBU
16 DRP005458 DRA008974 Draft genome sequence of Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain Pf-1 Other Saccharomyces cerevisiae 2.1G 2019-09-17 CHUBU
17 DRP005757 DRA009452 Draft genome sequence of Aspergillus terreus IFO6365 Other Aspergillus terreus 5.3G 2019-09-17 CHUBU
18 DRP005927 DRA008643 RNAseq analysis of raf18/20/24 and srk2abgh mutant under dehydration stress Other Arabidopsis thaliana 11.8G 2019-07-05 CHUBU
19 DRP006261 DRA010487 Draft genome sequence of Trichoderma asperellum IC-1 Other Trichoderma asperellum 6.2G 2020-07-05 CHUBU
20 DRP006524 DRA010718 ChIP-seq of Arabidopsis transcription coactivator NPR1 treated with SA and JA Other Arabidopsis thaliana 2.5G 2020-06-24 CHUBU