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1 ERP010365 ERA434615 Estuarine Microbial assemblages Other AUBURN UNIVERSITY
2 ERP111349 ERA1619079 SNP panel development for genetic management of wild and domesticated white bass (Morone chrysops) Other Auburn University
3 SRP003906 SRA025099 Generation of genome-scale gene-associated SNPs in catfish for the construction of a high-density SNP array Transcriptome Analysis Ictalurus furcatus
Ictalurus punctatus
43.2G Auburn University
4 SRP009061 SRA047287 Villosa lienosa Transcriptome or Gene expression Other Leaunio lienosus 16.3G 2011-10-23 Auburn University
5 SRP009069 SRA046135 RNA-seq analysis of mucosal immune responses reveals signatures of intestinal barrier disruption and pathogen entry following Edwardsiella ictaluri infection in channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus Transcriptome Analysis Ictalurus punctatus 20G 2011-09-25 AUBURN UNIVERSITY
6 SRP009253 SRA047969 Bacterial associates of two Caribbean coral species reveal species-specific distribution and geographic variability Metagenomics Orbicella faveolata
Porites astreoides
3.7M 2011-11-09 Auburn University
7 SRP009343 SRA048089 Red Maple Leaf Litter Metagenome Metagenomics freshwater sediment metagenome 2.6M 2011-11-15 Auburn University
8 SRP012586 SRA052235 Transcriptomic Signatures of Attachment, NF-?B Suppression and IFN Stimulation in the Catfish Gill Following Columnaris Bacterial Infection Transcriptome Analysis Ictalurus punctatus 20.5G 2012-05-01 Auburn University