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1 DRP001354 DRA001283 Succession of plant root-associated bacteria during plant development Metagenomics rhizosphere metagenome 640.9M 2014-01-16 ARO
2 ERP005375 ERA295434 Sequencing is part of the white grouper domestication project of Agricultural Research Organization (ARO, Israel). Other Epinephelus aeneus 38.8G ARO
3 ERP005655 ERA304032 Intestinal transcriptomes of tilapia Population Genomics Oreochromis mossambicus
Oreochromis niloticus
15.7G ARO
4 ERP010654 ERA443588 Discovery of the long-sought leptin gene in the dark (GC-rich) side of the chicken genome. Other ARO
5 ERP013451 ERA542217 Unveiling genomic regions that distinguish the Assaf sheep breed from its parental Awassi breed. Other Ovis aries 113.8G ARO
6 ERP013721 ERA2767857
Construction of genetic linkage map for Flathead grey mullet (Mugil cephalus) and mapping of the sex determination region Other Mugil cephalus 55.8G ARO
7 ERP013796 ERA551858
High throughput analysis of class 1 integron gene casettes in wastewater environments Other metagenome 924.7M ARO
8 ERP015184 ERA607972
Identification of chicken genes previously assumed to be evolutionarily lost Other Gallus gallus
Meleagris gallopavo
1.1M ARO
9 ERP019568 ERA757943 Small sub-sample Other metagenome 91.9K ARO
10 ERP020696 ERA782504 Mapping of leptin and its syntenic genes to chicken chromosome 1p Other Gallus gallus ARO
11 ERP104940 ERA1120994 Genome sequencing of Oreochromis aureus Other Oreochromis aureus 63.4G ARO
12 ERP105123 ERA1127237 Comparative omics and feeding manipulations in chicken indicate a shift of the endocrine role of visceral fat towards reproduction Other Gallus gallus 95.8G ARO
13 ERP114201 ERA1778099
Bos taurus-indicus hybridization correlates with intralocus sexual-conflicting effects of PRDM9 on male and female fertility in Holstein cattle Other Bos taurus ARO
14 ERP117232 ERA2121369
Refinement of the sex-determining region in flathead grey mullet (Mugil cephalus) Other Mugil cephalus 234.9G ARO
15 ERP121818 ERA2624112 Basal CD18 antigen levels in cow milk associates with copy number variation of Fc gamma receptors Other Bos taurus ARO