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1 ERP003827 ERA248600 Methanotrophs, methanogens, and microbial community structure in livestock slurry surface crusts Other Aarhus University, Denmark
2 ERP013239 ERA535404 Enrichment from groundwater treating sand filters Other metagenome 2.3G AARHUS UNIVERSITY, DENMARK
3 ERP013263 ERA535788 Annotation of Fusobacterium Other AARHUS UNIVERSITY, DENMARK
4 ERP016886 ERA690450 Region-wide and ecotype-specific differences in demographic histories of threespine stickleback populations, estimated from whole genome sequences Other Gasterosteus aculeatus 179.6G AARHUS UNIVERSITY, DENMARK
5 ERP106521 ERA1193245 Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the impact of G2-Enhancer on DNA extraction from deep-soil samples Other bacterium 441.5M AARHUS UNIVERSITY, DENMARK
6 ERP110826 ERA1596310 Biological power to gas: the ratio of hydrogen uptake rate to biogas production rate determines volatile fatty acid kinetics during hydrogen injection Other metagenome 1G AARHUS UNIVERSITY, DENMARK
7 ERP112959 ERA1701751 Seasonal microbial dynamics on grapevine leaves under biocontrol and copper fungicide treatments Other Vitis vinifera 4.7G AARHUS UNIVERSITY, DENMARK
8 ERP113535 ERA1730133 Wood mycobiome of a vineyard affected by esca Other Vitis vinifera 5.1G AARHUS UNIVERSITY, DENMARK
9 ERP115584 ERA1975526 Fungicides and the grapevine wood mycobiome. A case study on tracheomycotic ascomycete Phaeomoniella chlamydospora reveals potential for two novel control strategies. Other Vitis vinifera 5.2G AARHUS UNIVERSITY, DENMARK
10 ERP123405 ERA2808005 RNA-seq analysis of a mutualistic association between perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) and its fungal endophyte Epichloƫ festucae var. lolii. Other Lolium perenne AARHUS UNIVERSITY, DENMARK
11 ERP123975 ERA2876293 The specific microbial biodiversity linked to a certain vineyard location has been reported to be a crucial aspect in the concept of wine-terroir together with edaphic, climatic and human factors. These biogeographical patterns referred as the microbial-terroir. In this work, we applied an HTS amplicon library approach to conduct a global survey of the soil microbial communities of vineyards. We analyzed 200 soil vineyards worldwide, in four continents trying to settle the basis for the development of a vineyard-soil-microbiome map to represent the microbial-wine-terroir on a global scale. We highlighted that this link exists at different scales; among continents, states, and between different wine-regions within the same country. Geography has a strong effect on microbial communities composition at a global scale, which is also maintained at a country scale. Also, for the very first time, we describe the microbial community of a new and northern winemaker regions such as Denmark, that can be of great interest for viticulture adaptation in a context of climate change. Finally, we developed a predictive model, based on random forest analyses, to discriminate between microbial patterns to identify the geographical source of the samples with reasonable precision. Other soil metagenome AARHUS UNIVERSITY, DENMARK
12 SRP003408 SRA023716 Diversity of bacterial communities in High Arctic snow and freshwater as revealed by pyrosequencing of 16S rRNA genes Metagenomics environmental samples <crustaceans,genus Hesperodiaptomus> 92.5M 2010-09-03 Aarhus University, Denmark