BioSample Detail : SAMD00002576


Title16S rRNA gene study of soil associated bacteria in paddy fields dressed with standard nitrogen.
Taxonomy ID410658
Organism Namesoil metagenome
DescriptionField metadata., Country: Japan, Latitude: 38-27-39.37' N, Longitude: 141-5-33.33' E, Altitude: 4 m a.s.l., Classification: Gray lowland soil (classification of cultivated soils in Japan, 3rd approximation), Geomorphic Position: Alluvial plain, Slope Characteristics: Flat, Precipitation: Udic soil moisture regime, Water Table Depth: 97 cm, Drainage: Poorly drained, Land Use: Paddy rice field, Parent material: Unconsolidated alluvium, Vegetation: Paddy field after harvest

General Info

OrganizationLaboratory of Environmental Plant Microbiology, Department of Environmental Life Sciences, Graduate School of Life Sciences, Tohoku University


Sample typeGeneric


sample commentGeneral description. Rice plants (Oryza sativa L. cultivar gNipponbareh) were cultivated in paddy fields dressed with standard N (SN; 30 kg ha-1). Soil was sampled on August 26, 2009 from each fields. We extracted soil DNA and amplified 16S rRNA genes using a primer set 27F, 518R. These PCR primers target the V1 and V3 region.