BioSample Detail : SAMD00000807


TitleFicus septica leaf sample IS110 (Day 2 0.5h) for whole transcriptome shotgun sequencing
Taxonomy ID100573
Organism NameFicus septica

General Info

OrganizationMolecular Biotechnology Group, Center of Molecular Biosciences, Tropical Biosphere Research Center


Sample typeGeneric


sample commentSaplings of F. septica naturally grown in a forest at the University of the Ryukyus (26.25 N 127.77 E) were transplanted into 30-L pots (one sapling per pot). The saplings were maintained under ambient conditions and irrigated 2-3 times per week before use. Only healthy, mature leaves of F. septica were selected for analysis. Variability of isoprene emission and photosynthesis of F. septica in response to temperature was examined using a leaf chamber, a real time isoprene analyser, and a portable photosynthesis analyser in a phytotron, as described previously (Oku et al., Chemosphere 95, 268-273, 2014). Light (300 μmol•m-2•s-1 of PPFD) and dark cycle was maintained at 12-h:12-h (L:D). The temperature regime to which the saplings were exposed was 30-24-18-12-30-30 °C for over six days (i.e. temperature was lowered from 30 °C to 12 °C in 6 °C daily increments over the first four days and then elevated again to 30 °C in the latter two days). Hereafter, the first four days and latter two days are referred to as Day -4 to -1 and Day 1 to 2, respectively. Temperatures were changed when switching from the dark to light phase. Gene expression was analysed using a 5500xl SOLiD sequencer (Life Technologies, CA, USA). For this analysis, a leaf from one particular sapling was harvested at each sample time point. Samples were collected during the day at time points of 0.5 h and 6 h on Days 1 and 2, for a total of four time points.