Project Detail : PRJDB865

Project TypePrimary submission
Project Data TypeGenome Sequencing

General info

Project titleGenome analysis of the deeply branching hydrogenotrophic bacterim Thermosulfidibacter takaii
Project Description
T. takaii is a deeply branching thermophilic bacteria, but SSU rRNA gene phylogenetic analysis was not sufficient to determine its phylogenetic relationship to other deeply branching bacterial phyla such as Aquificales and Thermodesulfobacteria. In order to clarify the early evolution of the bacterial phyla, the genome project was started. In addition, genome information about its chemolithoautotrophy will also contribute environmental microbial ecology in hydrothermal environments
Release Date2015-12-01

Project Type

Sample scope/Material/Capture/Methodology

Sample ScopeMonoisolate


ObjectiveSequence, Annotation
Locus tag prefixTST


Organism information

Organism nameThermosulfidibacter takaii ABI70S6
Taxonomy ID1298851

Project Publication

Publication 1

PubMed ID18319474