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Project titleGenome-wide identification of bone metastasis-related microRNAs in lung adenocarcinoma by high-throughput sequencing
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MicroRNAs  (MiRNAs)  are  a  class  of  small  noncoding RNAs  of  about  18-23  nt  in  length.  They  can  regulate  the  processing and  translation  of  mRNAs  through  base  pairing  with  mRNAs' 3'-untranslated  regions  (3'-UTRs). miRNAs  are  widely  involved  in  critical  biological  processes, such as embryonic development, cell division, differentiation, and apoptosis. Recent evidence has indicated  that  deregulation  of  microRNAs  is  tightly  associated  with  the  development  of lung 
In this project,  to understand the roles of microRNAs in the bone metastasis of lung adenocarcinoma, we constructed two small RNA libraries from patients of lung adenocarcinoma  with and without bone metastasis. High-throughput sequencing combined by differential expression analysis. A  sum  of  28  miRNAs  was  identified  to  be  differentially expressed,  including  21  up-regulated  and  7  down-regulated  miRNAs. In addition, we predicted the targets of the differentially  expressed  miRNAs.  Functional  annotation of  targets  of metastasis-related  miRNAs indicated that signaling pathways involved in many fundamental biological processes was linked 
to the bone metastasis of lung cancer, for example, MAPK signaling, Wnt signaling, NF-KappaB signaling  etc. 
The  data of this project provide  mechanistic  insights  and  suggest  the  potential  for  the  utility  of miRNA-based drugs as novel therapeutic strategies in preventing metastasis of lung cancer. 
Release Date2014-01-30

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Organism nameHomo sapiens
Taxonomy ID9606

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PubMed ID23593434