Project Detail : PRJDB6526

Project TypePrimary submission
Project Data TypeGenome Sequencing

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Project titleGenome analysis of Melissococcus plutonius
Project Description
Melissococcus plutonius infects honeybee larvae and causes European foulbrood (EFB). Because of its highly contagious and difficulties seen in eradication, this disease is only selected as the OIE-listed notifiable bacterial honeybee diseases together with American foulbrood (AFB). According to studies on comparison of proteins or DNA fragment profiles M. plutonius has been believed to be remarkably genetically homologous. However, M. plutonius-like organisms with several different characteristics but shown typical clinical signs of EFB have often been isolated from diseased larvae in Japan. To understand this pathogen, we have done the complete genome sequencing of various M. plutonius isolates.
Release Date2018-04-24

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Sample ScopeMultiisolate


Locus tag prefixDAT561
Locus tag prefixDAT585
Locus tag prefixDAT606
Locus tag prefixDAT639
Locus tag prefixDAT869


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Organism nameMelissococcus plutonius
Taxonomy ID33970