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Project TypePrimary submission
Project Data TypeMetagenome

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Project titleComparison of rhizosphere soils of Allium plants and non-Allium plants
Project Description
It has been well known that intercropping and rotation cropping with Allium plants such as Welsh onion, onion and Chinese chive, reduce the incidence of Fusarium wilt (one of the destructive soil-borne diseases of plants). We focused on the rhizobacterial communities of Allium plants to understand the disease suppression induced by cultivation of Allium plants. In this project, we extracted soil DNA from three types of rhizosphre soils of  Allium plants (Welsh onion, onion, nad Chinese chive), and two types of non-Allium plants (cucumber and tomato), and bulk soil. We performed amplicon sequencings with two variable regions of 16S rRNA gene, V3-4 region and V6 region, in order to compare the rhizobacterial communities of Allium plants with those of non-Allium plants.
Release Date2019-10-06

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Organism namerhizosphere metagenome
Taxonomy ID939928