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Project TypePrimary submission
Project Data TypeGenome Sequencing, Transcriptome or Gene Expression

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Project titleInsights from the Loss of the Worker Caste in Ant Social Parasites
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A central goal of biology is to uncover the genetic basis for the origin of new phenotypes. A particularly effective approach is to examine the genomic architecture of species that have secondarily lost a phenotype with respect to their close relatives. In the eusocial Hymenoptera, queens and workers have divergent phenotypes that may be produced via either expression of alternative sets of caste-specific genes and pathways or differences in expression patterns of a shared set of multifunctional genes. To distinguish between these two hypotheses, we investigated how secondary loss of the worker phenotype in workerless ant social parasites impacted genome evolution across two independent origins of social parasitism in the ant genera Pogonomyrmex and Vollenhovia. We sequenced the genomes of three social parasites and their most-closely related eusocial host species and compared gene losses in social parasites with gene expression differences between host queens and workers.
Release Date2015-10-29

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Sample ScopeMultiisolate


ObjectiveRawSequenceReads, Sequence


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Organism nameMyrmicinae
Taxonomy ID34695

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PubMed ID26226984