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Project TypePrimary submission
Project Data TypeTranscriptome or Gene Expression

General info

Project titleIdentification of sperm/egg small noncoding RNAs in mouse
Project Description
The recent discovery of a significant amount of RNA in spermatozoa contradicted the previously held belief that transcription was uncommon in sperm cells. Furthermore, the detection of RNA in sperm raised the intriguing question of its possible role in embryonic development. The possibility that RNA may serve as epigenetic determinants was supported by experiments in mouse models in which inheritance of epigenetic traits was regulated by RNA. We used high-throughput, large-scale sequencing technology to analyze sperm RNA.
Release Date2012-08-20

Project Type

Sample scope/Material/Capture/Methodology

Sample ScopeMultiisolate


ObjectiveRawSequenceReads, Sequence


Organism information

Organism nameMus musculus
Taxonomy ID10090